Proudly the first local company to introduce 8-WAY Advance Process in Zimbabwe with the most latest Reverse Osmosis and other processes.

Besides the Fully automated filling and packing system to ensure the maximum protection of the purified water, we also introduced the safety seal to avoid contamination. So one can get water at its best.

Here are some facts about Water:
Our health depends on many things. One of the most important is water. Pure, safe and healthy water is vital for maintaining your health and everything around you. It is the drink of a good wholesome life.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should be drinking lots of water:

• Water makes upto 50-60% of your body!

• Water is vital for the proper functioning of body cells; it regulates body temperature, transports nutrients, ensures good blood circulation and keeps bowels healthy.

• Water serves as a shock absorber that protects vital organs and acts as a lubricant for your joints.

• To keep a healthy amount of water in your body you need to drink a certain amount each day. We`re losing water all the time, even simply by breathing, but especially when we perspire more due to increased physical activity or when it’s hot.

• If you haven’t had enough water you`ll find yourself feeling lethargic, tired and irritable. To keep your body revitalised and maintain energy levels, you must make sure you`re having regular drinks of pure, safe water as you go about your daily activities.

• Water is the best way to get a radiant and clear complexion as it promotes elasticity while preventing your skin from becoming dry and prone to wrinkles. Not only that, but water helps keep your breath from getting bad odour.

• If you feel a headache coming on then have water. It helps keep headaches at bay.

• Best of all, it`s the only beverage with ZERO calories!

What is Dehydration?

You experience dehydration when your body loses too much fluid due to an increase in body temperature such as fever, exposure to high temperatures or with prolonged activity. Your body loses fluids by urination, sweating, vomiting and even diarrhoea.

If you experience thirst, dry or parched mouth, headache, irritability, confusion and difficulty concentrating, then you are dehydrated. You should drink up on pure water at the first opportunity.


Why Wellpure
Take a look around you. You`ll notice that where once soft drinks were the first choice for quenching thirst, now more and more people have bottled water in their hands.
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